Day 4 of our road trip, as written in a tiny journal on Thursday, September 4, 2014:
Awoken by police knocking on our van at 2 a.m.—evacuated in case of flooding due to the volcano. Very nice, blonde, smiley officer gave us advice on where to sleep in Mývatn. Arrived in Mývatn around 3:30 a.m. and camped on side of the road. Morning filled with midges (tiny bugs) and tourists and "dog-bowl" hike. View of cute pseudo-craters. Drove on to Akureyri and happened on lunch buffet at cafe. Sat outside in sun, walked to the church, and then drove on to Goðafoss (actually, before Akureyri). Drove on to Skagaströnd for a "cowboy cafe" we read about in the guidebook. Guidebook old. No cowboy cafe. But! Beautiful walk in a nature preserve on the beach and found a box of simple treasures—shells, books, rocks—in a suitcase. Part of someone's art project. Then to the Vatnes Peninsula. Camped at beach overlook near Osar Hostel. Walked along shore near seal colony. Met Belgian Jeremy, ate soup, and drank port outside as the sun set.
(Dettifoss → Mývatn → Akureyri → Vatnes Peninsula, Iceland)


  1. i am LOVING these posts of your trip around iceland. we have been there a couple of times during winter, and had plans to do a trip during summer but never made it. it is still on our list -perhaps 2016- and for the moment, i shall revel in your experiences and images. thank-you for sharing them.

    1. That's so nice to hear, Leonie. I was just looking through your photographs—and I love what you're reading—but I need to (and will) set an afternoon aside to spend time with them! They're beautiful. Thank you for sharing.