Today I dressed like a boy, was productive at work, and bought some red currants, blueberries, and zucchini blossoms from the farmers market. The light was playing all sorts of magic through the trees.

P.S. I've never cooked blossoms before—have you all? I think I'll try something like this . . . with some grilled fish and veggies, yea? Sounds like dinner to me.



. . . is the weather, but not I. Spent last night watching the lightning storm with Sam and the boys, and giggling at a film I hadn't watched in some time. I picked up beautiful leaves on my walk to the train this morning, and spent my lunch drinking red tea beside the lake. Storms, film, walks, tea—my life is so much more enjoyable when I take things slow.

I'm looking forward to sushi tonight with my boy, and a weekend filled with projects and reading. Feeling very inspired these days!